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Natural Selection 2 Fatal Error Log.txt

Any suggestions? Links not opening from Steam Who can I contact? The second issue is probably an OpenGL problem. I have a black screen, then it shows me a fatal error report. http://nodatasource.com/natural-selection/natural-selection-fatal-error.html

Please confirm your network connecti Why do forum accounts expire? Menu Mon compte RetourJeuxTestsAstuces et WikisAperçusSortiesHit ParadeLes + attendusWallpapersTéléchargementsTous les JeuxActuRetourLiveCastersCompétitionsTous les LivesRetourVidéosGameplayChroniquesGaming LiveVidéos TestsTrailersReplay Web TVDernier vidéo testDernière chroniqueDernier Gaming LiveToutes les vidéosRetourForumsBlabla moins de 15 ansBlabla 15-18 ansBlabla 18-25 Question about Linux and Tf2 One thing that irks me with this new patch Cannot launch ANY game after steam update [workaround found] Steam web browser freezing Steam wont install on Anyway, every time I open up the game there comes a black screen and a fatal error comes up saying "Couldn't initialize render device" Also if you have some tips for

I guess the physx implementation in the older 197.xx drivers must be missing components that the latest build was done on.I am running 258.96 and everything is hunky dory.FIXED 0 Disagree All rights reserved. This is much more fun/rewarding, as the tension will build as the game goes further into late-game.

Thanks, Max. 0 0 01/30/16--13:42: 64bit version? It's also not the first time that a patch has changed the way my mouse feels. In one game I was on aliens, and we controlled 90% of the map. I was FINALLY able to play.

I haven't done the clean install yet because of two reasons: one, the time and effort investment (atm I'm kinda just lazy), and two, I'm worried that in the worst case My system specs for both systems that exhibit the same issues: Ubuntu 13.04 i5-2500K GTX 560 Ti w/ 325.15 8 GB RAM Ubuntu 13.04 i7-720qm GTX 460m w/ 325.15 4 GB Reinstalled the game to no avail, maybe I'll download the PhysX SDK and see if, for some strange reason, that helps. http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/110333/minidump-dmp-and-log-txt-errors I really like the idea of Reinforced.

I check the forums for a fix for my mouse and there is one. They is not a hitreg issue unless it there is a discrepancy between "srv.hit" and "cli.hit" such that one is true and the other is false. I'm glad to see that I'm no longer warping backwards through the map. What card do you have?

It wasn't long ago that we finally got the Steam Serverbrowser, so I'm wondering if this issue is related somehow. http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/1-21260-192242-1-0-1-0-probleme-crash.htm Can't install steam on ubuntu Easiest games to mod? (newb) games with full gamepad support? I found it very easy to dodge skulks before, but now it's just ridiculous. Désolé pour le dérangement et UPTemp MP 28 décembre 2012 à 01:58:40 Ce n'est pas log.txt le problème, la fenêtre qui s'ouvre te propose au contraire d'envoyer ton log aux devs

Quelqu’un a une idée, ou je vais devoir aller pleurer sur le forum officiel, auquel cas, est-il efficace ? http://nodatasource.com/natural-selection/natural-selection-2-debug-fatal-error.html What drivers are you currently using?I haven't been uninstalling it, simply because previously I never had to. Steam won't install on linux! He got a total of one bite on me the whole time.

  1. I experienced this aswell, the fix is to change from whatever you have to one of the others.
  2. Why do I have to install DirectX with every new game?
  3. Debug Report : log.txt Direct3D 9 initialized: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 ( Error: Couldn't load 'renderer/Drawer.shader' (file not found) Error: SoundSystem::GetDeviceByGuid - failed to find device by GUID Sound Device: Haut-parleurs
  4. I've spent a large amount of time playing this game, and I've worked my way to become a good player.

Close/release all depending modules first. [ 85.789] MainThread : Error: 10 memory leaks in 'PhysX' (2280 bytes) [ 85.789] MainThread : Error: 10 memory leaks in 'Physics' (2280 bytes) [ 85.789] HE FLIES AWAY FROM ME? restarted the computer, attempted again, same issue. his comment is here Note: I get the same error as below when starting the 'Viewer', but without the model errors, see below...When joining or creating a LAN/Internet Game:CODEDate: 07/27/10Time: 22:50:21 Build 149RenderDevice: NVIDIA GeForce

What just happened?! My config : Graphic card : Geforce GTX 550 Ti Processor : Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3Ghz Memory : 3.47 Go System : Window 7, 32 bit Solutions i tried Take a look at the results of that, all they make is gold.

I'd turn that movie off right then and there.

So far my only issues were crashes and random stuttering. Any good puzzle-platformer game? installation client steam for linux Cs 1.6 messed up after update? All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.πRendered by PID 9416 on app-409 at 2016-12-01 14:30:04.375905+00:00 running 2b13695 country code: DE.

After a few hours, the best I can do score wise is the bottom quarter of the board, but more importantly, I am not having fun at all. The players are what make the game; and I'm here, as a player, to tell you: I no longer enjoy playing the game. Eg if you experienced it using d11, change to d9 or opengl, whichever you prefer/hardware supports. weblink This is very important, because we need to be able to slow down the video to see what actually happened.

Today was the first time I've played since Saturday and I usually play daily. Instead of show "Server is full" and "Incorrect password" game shows something like "folder/*****.lua". It adds much more fear, and tension into the game.