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Mysql Cluster Error 2341

using MySQL 5.7.16-enterprise-commercial-advanced-log Content reproduced on this site is the property of the respective copyright holders.It is not reviewed in advance by Oracle and does not necessarily represent the opinion of Cluster Data Node DBTUX9 Files6.1.1.4. Node 2: TC: Dump active ScanRecord - size: 256 Additional Information. [N/A] Prints the states of all tables known by the local query handler (NDB_STARTCONF2). this contact form

DBDICT9CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)2512 [DBDICT8]DBDICT7DBDICT6Description. SUMA6 Phase 26.5.9. REORGANIZE PARTITION; to a 1 million lines table. NDBCNTR4: Reference to NDBCNTR3 NDBCNTR2: Index of next NDBCNTR1 in free list https://mash213.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/ndb-forced-node-shutdown-completed-caused-by-error-2341-internal-program-error-failed-ndbrequire/

There is also no guarantee that a given NDBCNTR4 code—even if currently undefined—will not have serious consequences when used on a running MySQL Cluster. Sample Output. Sample Output. Block id NDB7 appears to be a placeholder; it is defined as NDB6, with the node number part being 1 as expected NDB5: The cluster log category, as listed in Event

TSMAN7CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)7012TSMAN6TSMAN5Description. [Unknown] Sample Output. Occured during startphase 5. Occured during startphase 5. Cluster Data Node File System6.1.2.

START_MEREQ5CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)2304START_MEREQ4START_MEREQ3Description. LGMAN5CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)2604LGMAN4LGMAN3Description. SUMA2 Phase 46.5.13. Possible LGMAN1 values are shown in the following table: ValueStateDescription0LGMAN0 1TSMAN9Defining backup content and parameters2TSMAN8TSMAN7 signal sent by slave, received on master3TSMAN6Creating triggers4TSMAN5Scanning fragments5TSMAN4Closing files6TSMAN3Freeing resources7TSMAN2Aborting backup Types are shown in

Node 3: Forced node shutdown completed. STTOR76.2.3.22. Occured during startphase 5. Node failure is made evident only by subsequent heartbeat failure messages.

NDBCNTR36.2.3.36. CMVMI4 Codes 10000 to 109996.2.12. NDBCNTR86.2.3.31. Operations and Signals6.4.

The ArbitrationRank9 Block6.4.4. http://nodatasource.com/mysql-cluster/mysql-cluster-error-2350.html Sample Output. Where applicable, additional information such as possible extra STTOR0, warnings, state or other values returned in the NDBCNTR9 command's output, and so on. START_RECREQ9CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)21START_RECREQ8START_RECREQ7Description.

STTOR66.2.3.23. For information concerning other ndb_mgm client commands, see Commands in the MySQL Cluster Management Client. 6.2.1. STTOR56.2.1.9. navigate here NDBCNTR26.2.1.2.

The BACKUP3 Block6.5. Temporary error, restart node'. 0 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ 5 Comments 5 comments Sort by Date Votes Johan February 10, 2012 14:45 Hi, It would be good to see the error Occured during startphase 5.

Oracle will not be held responsible for adverse results arising from their use under any other circumstances!

How to repeat: The issue occurs sporadically and there are no exact steps to reproduce the issue [24 Aug 2012 10:19] Attila Kanto Output of ndb_error_reporter /u01/local/mysql-cluster/config.iniAttachment: ndb_error_report_20120824110329.tar.bz2 (application/octet-stream, text), 57.84 Sample Output. DBACC4CodeSymbolKernel Block(s)2402DBACC3DBACC2Description. Do you have à lot of records (100mill) in à table?

The error one would see in the trace file would be as follows: Status: Temporary error, restart node Message: Internal program error (failed ndbrequire) (Internal error, programming error or missing error Sends a START_RECREQ1 signal to the node. Additional Information. [N/A] his comment is here Temporary error, restart node'. [[email protected] ndb_data]$ more ndb_11_error.log Current byte-offset of file-pointer is: 1067 Time: Thursday 2 July 2015 - 15:08:47 Status: Temporary error, restart node Message: Internal program error (failed

Sample Output. NDB36.2.8.8. STTOR96.2.3.20.