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Then I (hopefully) defanged it by removing the exe suffix and renaming it. and frequent lockups, or slowdown, decided to google it, and this is where i found my answer, since i've removed it, no problems/lockups/slowdowns :-D Iconoclast Just as this says, "Did not See also: Link Solution It is Windows Messenger (not Live!) and in my case it was used by Norton AntiVirus 2004. See also: Link gad Use killbox to delete it :if necessary Ozone This is not MSN mesenger.

Also the "Messenger" button on the MSN web page now points to clk.atdmt.com/AVE/go/msnnkonm0020000888ave/direct/01/ that domain is owned by a marketing company! msmsgs.exe is a fake messenger that runs in background. Can connected to worm_agobot.ab or worm_wootbot.bd See also: Link Lenisterman Quite malicious and annoying at times, but normally harmless. Just disable.

very dangerous.. This has been driving me nuts ever since I loaded XP. If you don't use it it's better to remove it (delete or rename the ?:\Porgram Files\Messenger or delete from the Registry (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) qwerty It could be a part of the Windows

if you are using Norton Antivirus you must uncheck Instant Messenger protection in order for this process not to run anymore. Once I did this, about 1/3 of the resident programs running disappeared, and I haven't had any more trojan attacks. Like ProArt said, it's the Messenger service that XP uses to alert Microsoft of updates and such, different from the MSN Messenger. JoeMoron2000 I followed the Norton AV advice and it got rid of it.

So if you want to check you better check WHERE those files are. This displays the rollback command and rollback parameters to remove msmsgs. tb0 Start - Run - Type "Services.msc" Find windows messenger service and right click, and stop. Hank.

Try this: See also: Link syrynxx This is Windows Messenger that comes bundled with Windows OS. Zayouna msmsgs.exe is the windows messenger program, but the name is also used to maliciously infect your computer with the ZLOB trojan, or a similar variant. then open task manager and delete msmsgs.exe.-it should not come back. So I am betting this is a virus or such.

It slow down my PC, must be a virus. check my site Uncheck "Run this program when Windows Starts". process now gone mossespa virus if located in windows/system32 folder....remove! Checked Norton AV options/instant messenger.

for example 500kb/s download, then it will drop to 100kb/s or 50 kb/s.. ogre8fluffy All I know is there is no way to stop this fromrunning in your background processes unless you uninstall it permanately!!Everything else just seems to disable it for a short read press mentions┬╗ Alternate Software Alternate Software • OSHI Defender Download | review • Malwarebytes Anti Malware Download | review • Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus Download | review Information updated: 2014-05-12 14:50 Virus with same file name: W32.HLLW.Spirit - Symantec Corporation W32.Alcarys.B - Symantec Corporation W32.Alcarys.G - Symantec Corporation Click to Run a Free Scan for msmsgs.exe related errors Users Opinions Average user

I lawl at you all. maxomaniak This is a pre fetch program for the windows Messenger service. This will show you all tasks running on your computer. No.

I closed msconfig. could be the simplest way to get rid of it pako I have msmsgs in task manager even if i'm not running messenger, even though I instructed it not to start. On startup it automatically starts the Windows Messenger Service msmsgs.exe I had tried to disable it but everytime, it starts again at startup.

Yes, it's true, anonymous. :) Process analyzer Windows Messenger ...

So for those of you wondering what this is here is your answer it is running because norton is scanning the programs associated with MSN. HijackThis Category O4 Entry Note %ProgramFiles% refers to the Program Files folder. To disable it for good got o RUN and enter this command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove . This msmsgs.exe program is considered safe and is not virus or spyware related in any way.

dr.norm Look Its as simple as this. Thomas it sets of an auto-dailer for 80 euro cts/a minute wildebras this files keeps running in the process, even after totaly disable it pops up on the tool bar at It creates confusion because icon's of this file and MSN messenger are almost same. this occurred 2 times.

Brian Freed up almost 9000K as appeared in Task Manager. msn wont run with wimdows messenger on it wont let me sighn in dont no why denise smith agree with rvoltaire! I havent experienced any instability, and the popups are gone. The application has no file description.

I just unchecked the MSN/Windows Messenger box in the Internet options section and it stopped the process cold! sharon your definition for virus is not clear - my msmsgs.exe is located in c:\Program Files\messenger zeero Check this link: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Windows_XP/ Rose Is a part of the microsoft messenger (To uninstall i opens all my contacts and sends them the same thing. I found other comments here to be very helpful.

It tried to go on even though I didn't have it set under tools to start at windows startup, and if you end the process from taskmanager, you would see it Secondly Delete both Messenger & NetMeeting Folders in Program Files. It also tries to act as a server. The OLD MSN Messenger, which can be found under Program Files / Messenger, should be opened.

i think its both times connected with me disabling msmsgs.exe since it pops up and tells me if people eg logged in to messenger, even if i had messenger not running,