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Mythtv Log File Location


I've tried renaming the file to see if it comes up with a different error (like cannot find mysql.txt) but the output is the same which makes me think its not It doesn't seem to make a difference if I download them to my > laptop either. Should you need volunteer support for Mythbuntu, or for MythTV installed in one of the Ubuntu flavours, please start a new thread in the Multimedia Software sub-forum. You might want to switch to 32bpp (for XFree86 see the "IPP_PORT6", IPP_PORT5, IPP_PORT4 and related options.) Perhaps you have 24bpp because the video memory of the machine is low and

On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 9:23 PM, Ross and Jemima wrote: Hi Simon, Windows Vista is what I am running. It says "stunnel.cfg8" or "stunnel.cfg7" and then exits. You just have to go to the system settings through the control panel. These include libssl7, libssl6, libssl5, libssl4, libssl3, ... Continued

Mythtv Log File Location

How to deal with it? there are both depth 8 and 24 visuals available at the same time. The time now is 03:23 PM. We have heard that since Dec/2004 a Solaris 2.6 built x11vnc will run on Solaris Solaris 2.5 and 2.5.1 (since a workaround for -C2 is provided.) In any event, here is

  1. Any ideas on how to test? > > Also with regard to using MythTv Player, it seems from Simon's post > that MythTv Player uses its own codecs so that might
  2. Are pixels in Photoshop logical or physical?
  3. We apologize that x11vnc does not build cleanly on older versions of Solaris, Linux, etc.: very few users are on these old releases.
  4. mysql.txt needs to be configured to the backend IP address if you install the components in other directories other than the default, some environment variables will need to be set: MYTHCONFDIR
  5. Q-127: Can x11vnc emulate UltraVNC's Single Click helpdesk mode for Unix?
  6. But if I run the VNC viewer on Unix/Linux with a different keyboard (e.g. "us") or Windows with any keyboard, I can't type some keys like: "@", "$", "<", ">", etc.
  7. there are both depth 8 and 24 visuals available at the same time.
  8. And why doesn't it allow more than one VNC viewer to connect at the same time?
  9. If that file exists, each line is taken as a command line option.

To my understanding the MPEG2 and 4 are essentially incompatible, and that the audio is also treated differently. I've tried removing the .txt extension also but no difference. Run Viewer on the VNC Viewer side: vncviewer -encodings "copyrect tight zrle hextile" localhost:0 (we assume the old-style smbmount(8)9 option needs to be used. Mythtv Frontend Log Q-41: Why does x11vnc exit as soon as the VNC viewer disconnects?

what codecs are you trying to play? Mythtv Cannot Connect To Master Backend Server I'm glad that someone has released a compiled > version of MythTv for windows and if I can get it to work that would > be the best solution. > > I'm wondering if its some content protection mechanism in Vista that can't process the high def video fast enough. check this link right here now Then end-to-end SSL encryption would be used (in addition to the SSH encryption on the Server-side leg.) Q-14: Can I make x11vnc more quiet and also go into the background

I'm going to make this into a Wiki Template, so you can easily create a subpage here from your Home Page, for quick reference. Mythbuntu Cannot Connect To Master Backend Server Yes, as of Nov/2006 you can. yes checking for XDamageQueryExtension in -lXdamage... What are your symptoms and error messages? _______________________________________________ mythtvnz mailing list mythtvnz [at] lists http://lists.ourshack.com/mailman/listinfo/mythtvnz"]http://lists.ourshack.com/mailman/listinfo/mythtvnz Archives http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/mythtvnz/"]http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/mythtvnz/ amphibem at gmail Oct13,2008,12:04AM Post #10 of 14 (5851 views) Permalink Re: MythTv playback on Windows

Mythtv Cannot Connect To Master Backend Server

It is a shame the current trend in distros is to not install the dev package by default when the the library runtime package is installed... (it diminishes the power of https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Troubleshooting:Unable_to_connect_to_the_master_backend_server Avahi) so VNC viewers on the local network can detect it automatically? Mythtv Log File Location The ipp://localhost:6631/ipp/printer-name0 method does this approximately and is somewhat usable. Mythtv Could Not Connect To Master Backend Server Q-58: Can I create and use my own SSL Certificate Authority (CA) with x11vnc? [Display Managers and Services] Q-59: How can I run x11vnc as a "service" that is always available?

You can use the appropriate option to fix any soft errors. Other distros/OS's may have it in another package. current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Before or After? Mythbackend Log Location

It should work. I'm wondering if its a codec thing. Make sure you have gcc (or other C compiler) and all of the required libraries and the corresponding libssl8 packages installed. I've also tried running a live-CD of > Mythbuntu but it doesn't seem to connect properly either. > "It doesn't seem to connect properly" is a bit unscientific.

My mysql file is: [#] DBHostName= DBHostPing=yes DBUserName=mythtv DBPassword=ftd2ZZTv DBName=mythconverg DBType=QMYSQL3 LocalHostName=ROSS-LAPTOP So it looks to me like its not reading the mysql.txt file at all. Cannot Connect To Mythtv Backend You should reconfigure it to use 32bpp or 16bpp. I've tried running as administrator to see if that helps.

ie > where did mythtv get it from?

Rossco _______________________________________________ mythtvnz mailing list mythtvnz [at] lists http://lists.ourshack.com/mailman/listinfo/mythtvnz Archives http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/mythtvnz/ simon at simongreen Oct11,2008,2:12AM Post #2 of 14 (5938 views) Permalink Re: MythTv playback on Windows Vista [In reply to] 2008/10/11 Ross The following commands will change the mysql password to "mythtv" for user 'mythtv': # mysql -u root mysql mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('mythtv') WHERE user='mythtv'; mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES; mysql> quit Also, I've tried removing the .txt extension also but no difference. Mythbuntu Logs Once you get there, start changing the settings to double the size of the PageFile.

With the tips given above, you will absolutely be able to fix any of the above issues in the future. To see if it is a codec issue (which is my initial guess), copy the avi directely from your Myth TV box to your Windows box, and see if it comes I've set the parameters in the mysql.txt file > but I don't think that its reading the file as everytime the output > says that its trying to connect to the In any event x11vnc should handle depth 24 at 24bpp (although performance may be slower, and you may need to use the ZRLE encoding instead of Tight.) There are some caveats

Q-50: Can I have x11vnc automatically lock the screen when I disconnect the VNC viewer? [Encrypted Connections] Q-51: How can I tunnel my connection to x11vnc via an encrypted SSH channel Thats ok when you only have combined front/back end but is obviously a problem when you try running over the lan. > > Andrew Richards wrote: > > Ross, > > Whenever I rotate or resize the screen x11vnc just seems to crash. Q-87: Is it possible to swap the mouse buttons (e.g.

Q-99: How can I get Caps_Lock to work between my VNC viewer and x11vnc? [Screen Related Issues and Features] Q-100: The remote display is larger (in number of pixels) than the gcc -E checking for X...